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We are many people supporting the work for a healthier Baltic Sea!

  • Every person who signs their contract with the Baltic Sea contributes to reducing pollution.
  • A large number of contracts gives us credibility to influence central and local authorities to make crucial decisions for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

The goal is 1 million contracts as a first major step, along with many important decisions made for the future of the sea! The sea will then be reliable for future generations to be: Swimmable – Navigable – Enjoyable and to create Edible!

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You are not committing to anything you cannot fulfil and there are no costs associated with the contract.


The Baltic Sea Contract® initiative

The Baltic Sea Contract® initiative is based on many years of work for the Baltic Sea!

For many years work for the environment of the Baltic Sea has been carried out through the Expedition Save the Baltic Sea in a large network with many collaborations. Such as Stockholm University – Baltic Sea Centre, Government Offices, Royal Court, Rotary and several other organizations and companies.

The Baltic Sea Contract® Foundation

The Baltic Sea Contract Foundation is a fundraising foundation that runs its own projects as well as supporting those of others. The aim is to engage the public, businesses and policy makers in the surrounding countries for a healthier Baltic Sea.

The Foundation is independent, non-partisan and non-religious, dedicated to ensuring a long-term sustainable and healthy Baltic Sea for future generations.

About the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is surrounded by 9 countries: Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. In total, about 90 million people live in the catchment area.

This sea has a crucial environmental importance for the surrounding countries, as it directly affects the well-being of their ecosystems and communities.

Why did you sign the contract?

The Baltic Sea Treaty's ecosystem protection initiatives are vital to preserving the fragile ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability is inspiring and commendable.


Östersjökontraktet is an organization that cares deeply about the environment and the Baltic Sea. Their dedication to sustainability and environmental protection is evident in all their initiatives and projects.


The Baltic Sea Treaty's contribution to the protection of the Baltic Sea ecosystem is invaluable. Their educational programs and sustainable projects are driving change, and their work is essential for environmental preservation.


The Baltic Sea Treaty's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is truly remarkable. Their work is making a real difference, and their initiatives and projects are paving the way for a more sustainable future.



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The Östersjökontraktet is a trailblazer in environmental protection and sustainability in the Baltic Sea. Their dedication to the cause is unmatched, and their initiatives and projects are making a real difference.

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